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About Us

The brainchild of fashion veterans with nearly 20 years of industry experience between them, Elsa Jane was created to provide plus size women with a stylish, fashion-forward, and body positive alternative to the boxy and unflattering crew neck mens tshirts the rest of the graphic apparel world has to offer. 

Through exhaustive & detail-obsessed focus group testing and research, Elsa Jane has sourced the most comfortable and fashionable plus size styles and embellished them with cute, funny, and empowering body positive graphics designed by our founders and printed in-house in our Los Angeles studio. 

Our items are of the highest quality; we wouldn't be selling them if they weren't. But we also are committed to providing peerless customer service, accurate, detailed measurements, and presenting our brand with authenticity. 

Our models represent the full range of the feminine form, with all of the shapes and sizes that it comes in, because you know what? They're ALL beautiful. We don't use "skinny" models. We don't manipulate our product photos to make the gorgeous ladies who model for us appear smaller than they actually are. And we don't hide the sizing of our items behind meaningless terms like "Large". Our product photos feature real women looking their very best in comfortable pieces that can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion, and our sizing charts are obsessively detailed and transparent.

Because honestly, you already look beautiful. Elsa Jane is just here to help you look fabulous!

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